The Way to Go Round

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The Exhibition, which tells a continuous story, will make most sense if the Pavilions are visited in the order shown; but each can be visited separately if so desired.

Upstream Circuit – “The Land”

  1. The Land of Britain ◦ How the natural wealth of the British Isles came into being.
  2. The Natural Scene ◦ The rich and varied wild life that inhabits these islands.
  3. The Country ◦ A highly mechanised and most efficiently farmed countryside results from long experience, aided by science and engineering.
  4. Minerals of the Island ◦ How the British have drawn on their natural resources to produce raw materials for industry.
  5. Power and Production ◦ Highlights in the growth of present-day industry – the lifeline of Britain.
  6. Sea and Ships ◦ Shipbuilding, propelling machinery and the fisheries.
  7. Transport ◦ British pioneering, and contemporary achievement in design, for Communications and transport by Road, Rail, Air and Sea.

The Dome of Discovery

British initiative in exploration and discovery is as strong to-day as ever it was.

  1. The Land ◦ Exploration leads to development of overseas territories. Science and technology provide the tools and methods.
  2. The Earth ◦ Science is revealing the age and structure of the earth. Technology develops its underground resources.
  3. Polar ◦ A great tradition now applied particularly to scientific discovery and aided by mechanisation. Demonstrations in the Polar theatre.
  4. Sea ◦ The great heritage of Drake and Cook has passed to the marine scientists who are yearly adding to our knowledge of the sea.
  5. Sky ◦ Weather forecasting and research. Exploration into the ionosphere, which improves long-distance radio communication.
  6. Outer Space ◦ What we have learned from the old astronomy of Newton, and from the new astronomy which uses radio methods.
  7. The Physical World ◦ Explorations into the nature and behaviour of matter have made possible many of the material achievements of the present age.
  8. The Living World ◦ Discoveries of the secrets of life. Darwin’s great influence in the world of thought. Contemporary biological research.

Downstream Circuit – “The People”

  1. The People of Britain ◦ We are a people of mixed ancestry and now a blend of many different qualities.
  2. The Lion and the Unicorn ◦ Clues to British character and tradition. The Lion symbolises action the unicorn imagination.
  3. Homes & Gardens ◦ Many people on a small island create an urgent problem of space. Here are new solutions for six such problems in the home.
  4. The New Schools ◦ Equipment and classrooms from the new schools in Britain.
  5. Health ◦ British pioneering and modern achievement in public health, medicine, surgery and nursing.
  6. Sport ◦ Most sports originated in Britain and we have carried them around the world. Craftsmen at work.
  7. Seaside ◦ Our maritime character as expressed at home – the port, the seaside resort, the wild coastline between them.

Other Downstream Displays

  1. Television ◦ Its development: how television shows are put on.
  2. Telecinema ◦ First showings of new British documentary films in one-hourly programmes: large-screen television.
  3. 1851 Centenary Pavilion ◦ Recalls, in model form, the original Crystal Palace and its Royal opening in 1851.
  4. Shot Tower ◦ Aerial and reflector of the radio telescope; lighthouse optic and lantern; at base, a small display about the South Bank.
  5. Design Review ◦ A novel display, with information service, of 25,000 photographs illustrating the wide range of British manufactures.