1851 Centenary Pavilion


Architect: Hugh CassonDisplay Designer: James Gardner, o.b.e.

This miniature display commemorates the Great Exhibition held at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park exactly a hundred years ago.

The structure of the Pavilion is based on the designs of Joseph Paxton, architect of the Crystal Palace. At each end of the Pavilion are rotating screens with coloured peepshows of different views of the Great Exhibition of 1851. In the centre is an exact model of the Crystal Palace: below it, again in model form, is the scene at the opening ceremony. Among those present are Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, the Royal children, the Princess Royal and the Prince of Wales; and, near them, the Duke of Wellington and Lord Palmerston.

A spoken description of the scene at the opening ceremony on May 1st, 1851, accompanies the display, interspersed with a selection from the musical programme that was played on that great occasion in British History.